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Thanks you for expressing interest in submitting your talent for us to spotlight inside EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine.

Agency: Please forward us your contact information & website in the form below along with webpages to view samples of your clients. We would also like you to create a profile pages on EnVus "The Experience" and upload samples images of your models.

We are very interested in viewing your talents. Due to us receiving massive amount of images, mp3, video file in our inbox we had to create our own networking site to hold aspiring talents such as your information.. Currently we are only accepting submission from talents on our networking site due to it's hard to have to sign up to every website to view everyone's portfolio & some site don't allow magazine to create profile/portfolio pages so we wouldn't be able to see some of your images. If you are an aspiring or well known Model, Photographers, Music Artist, Designer, Comedian, Actor/Actress, Film Makers please follow the steps below to Submit your profile/portfolio page to us.

  • You Must Create Profile On EnVus "The Experience"  www.envusmagazine.com/theexperience        (Create Profile Here- allow popup)
  • Fill in the information's that fix's your talents on your profile page on EnVus "The Experience" {ex: ~Model~, Music Artist, & Etc)
  • Add Your Pictures, Video, Music, websites url, & etc
  • Fill in The About Me Section on your profile/portfolio page
  • Fill in the form below with correct information and contact info
  • Copy your Profile URL from EnVus "The Experience" account into the form and send this to us.
  • Have fun, comment, & build fans on our social networking site. We always like to see what others fans think of your talents & pictures.
  • Featured Members Tabs on EnVus "The Experience" shows EnVus Publications Founder, Model Scout, Talent Scout & More

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