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Category: Men's Lifestlye & Entertainment Magazine

Sub-Categories: African American, Hispanic, Asian, Other Ethnicity, Entertainment, Men’s Lifestyle, Music, Urban, Hip Hop

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Frequency: 4

Distribution: International

Company Location: Detroit, MI

About: EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine is a men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine. We features Exciting articles & images about ethnic cultures entertainment news, sports, cars, celebrity interviews, men's fashion,music, models, video vixens & the EnVus Models. We bring men everything they enjoy in life. Envus Magazine cater to what ethnic men readers live and breathe on a daily basic. No other Men's Magazine cater to all ethnic males at once; EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine does this and much more.

En-V-Us Ethnic Men's Magazine is a mixture of sexy exotic women with curves, pictorials, exclusive interviews, & behind the scene feature with celebrities, athletes, music artists, up and coming entertainers, and models. This is a magazine that is fun for the readers to look at and read. En-V-Us Magazine is the hottest men’s magazine to ever hit newsstands. We offer both print and digital version of the magazine for our readers to enjoy in there homes, online, or mobile platforms.

EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine is published by EnVus Publications by founder of the company Michael Robinson.

Advertising With Us: Advertising with EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine allow advertisers to connect with our readers and present your products to our growing worldwide population on many different ethnic groups. EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine is a men's lifestlye & entertainment magazine that can present your product to urban ethnic teens, men, and women, in many different forms of print and online advertisements and promotions. We offer our advertisers the chance to advertise their products to the urban ethnic culture through the form of media in print, digital magazine, video media, and more with articles on beautiful women, sports, men's fashion, reviews, men's entertainment, cars, interviews, in our publications. Our growing urban audience will relate and see your products in our publications, at events, models wearing, or interacting with our client's products in issues of EnVus Men's Magazine or even at events EnVus Magazine Promotes. EnVus Magazine Also offers our client's advertisement in the forms of ads placement inside the magazine printed and online version of each magazine issue. Along with print advertisements, we offer advertisement to our clients in the form of Newsletters, email to our viewing audience, and on the website with web banner impersissions, we ads, video ads, viral ads, pop-up, and contests where we give our clients products away at events sponsored by our magazine and also on our company website.


Age: 18-40
Sex: 67% Males & 33% Female
Agverage Income: $48,000

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