Cherie Johnson – Producer, Actress, Directors and author



On Family Matter they had a lot of different plots types, what was one of the most ridiculous plots you were involved in on the show?


I think being that I’m from the hood myself. It was this one show where people were stealing gym shoes. So in the story, someone robbed and shot my friend for her shoes. It kind of made me laugh but being that I’m a great actress I had to pour the tears on. The show was about gun violence and how materialist the world has become.



What do you have to say to your fans?



I hope that I’m giving them what they expect from me by not selling myself short. I spent 25 years trying to keep a good name for myself. And I really appreciate the following that I have, I know they still looking out for everything I do. Also I am s little older now I’m in my 30’d now so expect the roles to mature a lot. Some of the sweet innocent girl roles are going to end. I am going to get in to the more grown up things. So don’t turn your back on me when you see me in my first sex scene with my cloth off because it time for me and my roles to start growing up.


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